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McDermont X

365 N Sweetbriar Avenue

Lindsay, CA  93247

May 3, 2024

Strive Dogs Foundations & Advanced Flyball Seminar with Aaron Robbins

May 4-5, 2024

Competitive UFLI Flyball Tournament Racing


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Come join us for a weekend of flyball!!  We will be presenting a Strive Dogs Flyball Seminar with Aaron Robbins, followed by a competitive flyball weekend of racing!  Fighting For Freedom Flyball Club will be hosting these two back to back events to give flyball clubs and competitors the opportunity to not just improve and learn new skills, but to take flyball training to the next level with personalized coaching from a record holder in a competitive racing environment

Check out all the details below about the seminar and tournament; share the excitement and join us for an amazing weekend of flyball learning and fun!


Strive Dogs Flyball Seminar with Aaron Robbins

Working spots for Friday are limited in number to allow for direct 1:1 time with Aaron.  You can use your time to work new skills and get advanced techniques and training advice, accelerating your dog's flyball performance.  The training foundations program that Aaron built is constantly being updated to reflect the flyball competitive environment as dogs get faster and equipment and rules evolve.  This is an amazing opportunity to work with the best and improve your skills as a handler.

Working Spots are $175.00


Flyball Seminar Audit

Audit spots for Friday are unlimited.  You will have access to the training floor and be able to learn from Aaron's proven and sucessful training foundations program, but without working your dog.  Audit spots will allow you to observe the dogs being trained with Aaron and gain valuable insights into the advanced techniques being used to problem solve. 

Audit Spots are $75.00 and includes access to Friday's session to observe working dogs and all lectures and hands on advice from Aaron


UFLI Flyball Tournament



Enjoy Preflights, Singles, Doubles, and team racing during our UFLI tournament.  Aaron will be staying the whole weekend to help you and/or your team on competitive techniques and offer racing tips during the tournament.  This is an invaluable experience being offered to take your flyball racing to the next stage.

Team Racing is $130

Singles Racing is $30.00

Pairs Racing is $40.00

PreFlight is $25.00

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