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We are a small, competitive flyball club in the San Francisco Bay Area dedicated to modern, safe flyball dog training and enhancing each canine/handler team's potential.


We love flyball racing, we love engagement training, and we love fast flyball competitions!  Our members are active in dog sports and compete in multiple activities, including Agility, Dock Diving, and Barn Hunt, Bikejoring, and Canicross.  If this sounds interesting, we can help you get started!



All About Fighting For Freedom Flyball Club

We promote positive dog training and building close friendships with other dog sports enthusiasts.  We are based out of Northern California in the San Francisco Bay Area, practicing weekly in Silicon Valley.  We train for success and race with our flyball pals from various regional and national clubs.


It is our dedicated members that make our team a success. We pride ourselves on friendship, support, and most importantly, honesty about our goals for the team and our dogs.   Along with the camaraderie that we share as a team, we have fun together, living the flyball lifestyle.

We are equally as proud of our dogs.  Each one is an individual, trained with respect and modern, updated positive methods.  We all share in the flyball training of new dogs, be it box loading, cheering, setting jumps, or giving advice.  We come to know each other's dogs very well, and are privileged to watch them grow from little puppies to senior citizens.


We invite you to browse our web pages and look forward to seeing you at an upcoming tournament!!


Our Roster...

While coming from diverse backgrounds, members of Fighting For Freedom Flyball Club are driven by one common pursuit: a passion for all things flyball, a thirst for fast, consistent competitions, and a desire to share our excitement and advanced training experiences.

Upgrade your enrichment game...

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