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Competitive Training and Foundations

Fighting For Freedom Flyball Club trains our canine athelets to race at their peak performance in a safe, consistent environment.  Our club mantra is to run strong, push our passes, and finish fast with zero regrets.  We achieve this goal through constant updates of our training methods and equipment as teams get faster and speeds increase in competition racing.


To keep pace with the ever changing flyball environment, we host and attend several advanced flyball seminars throughout the season.  This allows us to learn from world record holders and successful competitors at the peak of their career.  We host 2 practices weekly and a varity of classes and seminars to encourage partcicipation in flyball and introduce new dog sports enthusiasts to the speed and excitement of neck to neck racing.

Join us for some fun with your existing or future flyball dog!

Practice - Racing and Green Dogs

Screen Shot 2022-11-21 at 9.39.28 AM.png

Saturday Afternoons
San Francisco, CA

Our weekly indoor practices are by invitation.  To ensure consistency with training skills and measurement of progress, this practice is on mats.  We work different foundational skills and run our competitive lineups to tune our passing and improve our team's timing.  If you are interested in attending, let us know...

Practice - Beginner and Basic Skills


Sunday Mornings

Sunnyvale, CA

Our team practices are on a consistent cadence.  We use our time outdoors on grass and mats to provide our dogs with additional focus and generalization skills.  This environment allows us to work distance, distraction, and endurance.  If you are interested in training for competitive flyball and need help, feel free to drop us a line so we can schedule you into one of our practice sessions...


Flyball Skills and Enrichment


Both Beginner Flyball Foundations and Advanced Flyball Skills classes are offered by our team.   Our fyball training program follows a modern, detailed foundations program for dog sports and handlers.  The behaviors you learn in our foundations program will transition seamlessly into advanced mechanics required for competition.  Flyball training classes are taught by Fighting For Freedom Flyball Club members. 


As Owner and Captain, Alex Le is an experienced flyball competitor with Cooper/Camden (Jack Russel Terrier mixes) and Accel/Diego (Whippet mixes).  He has over 15 years of competition experience and is an active competitor with NAFA, UFLI, and FCI Flyball tournaments throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Upgrade Your Enrichment Activity!

  • Beginner Flyball Foundations - 6 Weeks
    Multiple Dates
    Sun, Apr 30
    Outside on grass
    The best way to learn flyball is to take the Beginning Flyball Foundation class! This open practice / class environment will teach you and your dog the fundamentals of flyball, introduce you to the equipment (jumps, flyball box, training props), and initiate some really fun motivational games !!
  • Spring Advanced Flyball Foundations - 6 Weeks
    Multiple Dates
    Fri, May 19
    Outside on flyball mats
    This class continues to build on the beginner foundational concepts and introduces competition style exercises to prepare your flyball dog for competition.
  • Competitive Flyball Workshop - Rocket Relay with Aaron Robbins
    Fri, May 19
    Come join us for our advanced hands on flyball workshop with world champion and both Regular and Multi record holder, Rocket Relay Flyball Club with Aaron Robbins. This is an event that is tied and hosted with the FFF 2023 Meet Me In San Francsico flyball tournament.
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