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NAFA - Blazin K9s Spring Tournament in Casa Grande...

We had so much fun this past weekend with our CT crew, running 4 teams at Blazin' K9s tournament in AZ. We tried a lot of different lineups to prep our team for our FCI World Cup tournament in Belgium, and our 2 height dog lineup ran 16.6... WHAT?!!? That's right, we got in the 16s with 2 small height dogs in the lineup... How cool is that?

In addition to the Belgium prep team, Judy and Ruby ran consistently all weekend and placed second on their team, even though they were seeded at the bottom of their bracket. Our Open 2 team ran really well and they worked their butt off in the run back to tighten their passes and learn about the most important and most difficult part of flyball to master -- PASSING... Some never learn to do it or were never taught to do it correctly and Judy took it to heart to learn run back etiquette and tighten her passes over the two days. Way to go Judy and Ruby! You both did awesome!

So much more to learn and so much more to work on in the up coming months, but we're having a lot of fun connecting with our friends in AZ and learning more each day about flyball and different aspects of the game.

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